Saturday, 5 July 2014

KIT PICKS: The Worn Trainer

As I have mentioned in my previous post (If the shoe fits, don't ever change it!) and raved on Twitter & Instagram, I can’t live without my Mizuno Wave Rider16s. They are the trainer that work for me - so much so; I tracked down a brand new pair on Achilles Heel last month.

It wasn’t until I put my current Mizuno’s up against my new Mizuno’s that I realised just how worn out trainers can become. This is the first time I have repurchased an identical shoe and sitting them side by side made me realise that I definitely needed a new pair. I’m sure by looking at the pictures below you’ll agree.

So what changes? Miles and miles of running builds body strength and develops endurance but on the trainers, it causes extreme tiredness and gradually, defeat. Whilst you spend all that time pounding the streets, your trainers are slowly losing their form and the structure and ‘bounce’ in the shoe wears thin.

If you take care of your trainers and keep them clean and tidy (like I have attempted with mine), these changes to the shoe are harder to notice and at a glance, you are still seeing the same shiny(ish) sneak. As you can see here though, what you are looking at is a misshapen, worn out boot.
Looking closely at the sole, the tread has actually remained in quite good condition on this pair, but it’s clear to see the rubber is wearing thin. For example, the black tread on the heel of the trainer looks a lot slimmer on the old pair than the new (see highlighted area).

Focussing on the tip of the trainer, it’s obvious these are on their last legs. The top of the trainer bends in a lot more compared to the new pair and this shows sign that the structure and form of the shoes has well and truly being broken in.

And the colour? Well, I thought I kept my trainers relatively white but now the new pair has arrived, I was most definitely fooled by my own eye!

I have lived in these trainers for a year now. Who knows how many miles I have done in them but I would estimate around the 500/600 mark. They have been a very loyal shoe and I’m thrilled I get to continue my running journey with them again.

How often do you change your trainer? Do you notice similar wear and tear?

Lipstick Runner.

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