Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Finding my feet again

I'm back! After two weeks away getting married and holidaying in Italy I have landed back into the reality of work with a bang. 

Taking such a long break was absolute bliss. The wedding was a dream and the holiday a much needed break from work, London and training. My body was shattered and by the time I arrived at my hotel in Sorrento, I was snoozing on a sun lounger in minutes. It was heavenly. 
The holiday itself was a mix of relaxing and exploring. We spent three days endlessly walking - around Pompeii, climbing Mount Vesuvius and roaming around Capri. It all seemed pretty active and I even managed to squeeze in two small swim sessions in the pool at the hotel (other holiday makers gawped at me like I was a bit odd though). Its strange because after three days not training, I was itching to do something. I guess that is when you know you are addicted to sport. 

Now I am back, I have been dilly dallying around trying to get back into the routine of working and training. My first full week was last week and I realised I actually did some form of exercise 7 days straight. After landing late Sunday night, I forced myself out of bed 6am Monday morning to go for a run. It was really tiring at first but by the end of it, it felt good to be out again.

I must have felt really keen last week as on Thursday, I opted to make my return to track for a heavy speed session with my club. I haven't done drills or intervals in weeks and I was a little apprehensive. The session seemed long when it was read out to us: 2x 1200m (90 secs rest), 4x 400m (75 secs rest), 4x 200m (200m jog recovery between). However, once I got stuck in, I was on a roll. My legs felt fresh, ready to go fast and it was brilliant!
By the end of the weekend, I had also boshed out an open water swimming session and even dabbled in an Insanity workout (although I don't think I'll be trying it out again any time soon. It killed me!).

So in all, a successful first week back and I can't wait to get stuck into triathlon training again. I already have my eye on another sprint distance early September so I will be building a plan for that and looking to improve my times across all three disciplines. 

Lipstick Runner.