Sunday, 10 April 2016

Tough Mudder 2016: What's to come

So the season of mud pits, freezing murky waters, obstacles and cross country running is upon us - or in simpler terms Tough Mudder. At the end of April, the series of events kick off in London and then travel across the UK to seven locations (I have Midlands in the diary!). This year, the team behind this super tough obstacle race have upped the anti, introducing two new obstacles to the mix: Blockness Monster and Backstabber.

In 2014, I experienced my first ever Tough Mudder (see my review here) and whilst I walked away with mixed reviews, I thoroughly enjoyed the day. My favourite type of obstacles were those that didn't require height (at 5"3 I could not reach up to walls, rings, ledges etc) so I really like the look of Blockness Monster. I would hope this will be after a really muddy obstacle so we can wash off the layers of mud congealed on our clothes. Backstabber looks like an obstacle that will require height and I can't see myself getting very far up the frame - I hope there will be a platform at the top for someone to pull me up!

As well as these new obstacles, some of the classics are returning. Kiss of Mud is back by popular demand and I have already planned how I am going to get through this without scraping my legs and knees on the gritty surface (FYI, this is the place to roll and not crawl). Arctic Enema was also a likely choice to return and I have never forgotten the pain that shot through my body as I hauled myself out of the shipping container full of ice. Then there is also Electroshock Therapy, Cage Crawl, Everest and many more which make up the 20 obstacle, 12 mile race. 

With Midlands just over a month away, both myself and my husband (who will be joining me to claim his first headband) will be getting ourselves prepped. For me, it is all about recovering from my achilles injury (which has caused a huge set back in my running) and focussing on strength and core work. I know this was my weakness last time and I want to ensure I have the ability to fight through the obstacles that require strength and not endurance. 

Here's to claiming my second headband!

Lipstick Runner. 

Friday, 1 April 2016

Biking, hiking and then getting injured...

It's been a while since my last post (which was a review of my half marathon!). March has whizzed by in a blur and I have been super busy kick starting my training for Cotswold's Triathlon in June. It has been so nice to finally get back on my bike and reduce the milage in my runs. I have definitely made the most of being on wheels with a few good long cycles, including a 40 miler from North London to Richmond and back. 

Things were going really well and I was really excited to finish the month spending Easter in the Lake District hiking with my family. We had an absolute blast and managed to get in some good climbs. I did however come away with a rather painful injury to my right achilles, which even six days later, I am still suffering with. Looking back, I am wondering if its linked to my hiking boots (which to be honest were just a cheap pair from Mountain Warehouse). They didn't have the best support, especially around the ankle and I assume that I am now paying the price for this. 
Running is now currently off the cards and cycling is just about manageable. Going uphill is a bit painful. I can luckily still swim (thank god I can do something!), but even walking is painful. The aim of the game is to ice and stretch as much as I can to ensure I make a speedy recovery! I am definitely not in a place to be injured (well who ever is!?). I have Tough Mudder just round the corner and need to make sure I am in tip top shape for it!

Do you have any tips for achilles niggles? Would love to hear any advice for a quick, secure recovery!

Lipstick Runner.