Wednesday, 1 October 2014


Since my post on weight gain and getting body fit for my wedding, I thought I would give an update on my progress. 

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will see this new adventure started off pretty good in week one. I had conveniently booked time off work and found myself filling the days running, cycling and pursuing core workouts. It was brilliant! By week two, it was a completely different story as I was unfortunately struck down really poorly with flu (Training Update: Fighting Flu).

The last week however, I have been back out running and training is in full swing again. Knowing that I also have a huge challenge to face June 2015 with Blenheim Palace Triathlon (for more info see HERE) will be a great focus for Operation Bridal Bod. 

Anyway, visually seeing the results is what matters right? This is the first time I have monitored my body through pictures and I must say it really does motivate you especially when you SEE the results. Below is an overview of pictures from me at week one to where I am now.
As you can, the results are small but a great start! My stomach definitely feels and I think looks firmer and I think the combination of running, cycling and swimming is helping to strengthen my core. I can also see from the side that my stomach dips in and isn't so 'rounded' so to speak. I also think my arms look slightly thinner in the above pictures which makes me VERY happy!

From the back, I don't look much different. It's clear to see this is the part of my body where fat settles and gets comfy. I'm going to have to look into blitzing my lower back and sides where it tends to be stored and I think my Nike Training Club app is going to come in handy here, not to mention my weekly HIIT sessions.

In terms of diet, I haven't really changed much. I must admit during the flu, I was barely eating which will have definitely contributed to the change in my body. But during the time I have had an appetite I have kept to normal breakfasts and dinners but have changed my lunches to soups. A simple tin of Heinz tomato or mushroom soup followed by a Muller Fruit Corner is what I have followed and it does seem to fill me up surprisingly!

Despite eating the same foods, I have changed one thing and that is avoiding wheat. Not one slice of bread has brushed my lips and anything that I have had that is normally bread based, I have opted for spelt flour options. This form of flour tastes just the same normal flour and it is much lighter on the tummy. Below are a couple of 'spelt based' meal I have been having.
(Mozzarella, spinach and tomato spelt based pizza)
(Fajitas with Quorn Chicken Pieces and spelt wraps)
(banoffee ice cream spelt waffles from The Waffle House, St Albans)

Now I have managed to kick start the body make-over, my focus now is to well, stay focussed! I am one to fall off the band wagon very easily and so I need to keep up these results. You never know, at the next update I might have some abs to show off (*in her dreams*).

Lipstick Runner.

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