Saturday, 3 January 2015

OPERATION BRIDAL BOD: Surviving Christmas (week 16)

The festive period is over and we are back into our daily routines in what seems like a blink of an eye. I was fortunate enough to have 10 whole days off work to spend with family and friends. I had also planned my training activity, making the most of countryside runs and my parents gym bike.

What I was unlucky with is falling ill two days in. Christmas Eve to be precise. Brilliant huh? It started off with a dry tickly cough and a wheezy chest. I can deal with that. By Christmas Day night however, I was hot, sweaty, bunged up and really heady. By the weekend, my cough was so violent it made me feel sick. I had also lost my voice and hadn't slept for four days. Even by New Years Eve, I still wasn't sleeping fully and my cough was refusing to budge.

So, as you can imagine, I haven't had the most eventful Christmas. In fact, I didn't exercise for a whole week. I could barely climb stairs without reaching for an inhaler! Still though, whilst I haven't been able to work out, I have however avoided the traditional binge on beige food and enormous gorge sessions on chocolates. Being ill over Christmas does have this benefit. In fact, I curiously weighted myself recently and was delighted to see that I had in fact not gained a pound. I was exactly the same as I was at the beginning of December. Right on!

By New Year's Eve however my appetite had returned slightly and I did indulge in one too many Celebrations and Lindt chocolates over boardgames. I may have also had a couple of oversized dinners but I swear (hands above my head) I was merely catching up on lost time. 

Along with Christmas and New Year, another big event for me in December was purchasing my wedding dress. I actually feel really relieved to have ticked this off the to-do list as I now know what kind of dress I am wearing, how it fits and what I need to work towards in terms of my physique.

However, whilst I have been (kind of) good over the festive period, this illness has caused a delay to my all important triathlon training. Even 10 days in, I still have the horrendous cough that refuses to budge. I have managed a couple of 5K jogs but once I get back home I enter extreme coughing fits where I can barely breathe. Not cool. I am desperate to get out there cycling daily, heading to the pool and running club but in myself I still don't feel 100%. I've read that if its a cold that has hit your chest (which in may case it has), to be cautious when exercising. The cold weather conditions also don't help when breathing in lung falls of icy cold winter air. 

So basically, I am sat here impaitently waiting for the cough to go, my ears to unblock and my nose to stop running faster than my legs. It's not fun. Due to lack of exercise, I am trying my hardest to watch what I am eating, especially with chocolates and sweets from Christmas stuffed in my fridge. They stare at me long and hard every time I open the door to grab the milk for my tea. I have strategically placed satsumas and apples next to them so I am more inclined to pick this healthier snack option.

In all, I have just about survived Christmas. I may have contracted the worst chesty cough I have known to date, my training has fluffed up and chocolates are taunting me but in all, things could be worse.

Until next time.

Lipstick Runner.

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