Sunday, 8 February 2015


I can't believe I'm already at week 20 of this body project. When I started out four months ago, I definitely didn't imagine seeing these results. Choosing to capture my progression through the lens was, for me, a bold move. However, I am so glad I did it. There is nothing more motivating than looking at this trio of pictures (L - R week 1, week 12, week 20).
I was slightly worried post Christmas that it would all go to pot and I would be back looking like I did at week 1 but surprisingly I have managed to keep it up! The last eight weeks have been the most challenging too. I have suffered an awful chesty cough twice, which has totally wiped me out and in total I have missed two whole weeks of training. Along with this, work commitments have meant my training schedule has been greatly effected. 

In terms of my fitness and performance, I'm feeling a bit low as my running has suffered the most. The cough has lingered long enough now and I am just ready to budge it for good so I can pick up some pace again. I'm also looking at my 5K PB target and thinking this may have to be reworked. But hey! I can't concentrate on the negatives. Looking at the brighter side of things, I have kept on schedule with my physique. With the wedding now only five months away and my final dress fitting in three, keeping this up has never been so important. Any slip up now could have a huge impact on slipping into that dress!

Looking at how my body has changed during triathlon training, the biggest difference has been on my waist and face. This is where I seem to drop weight and tone up. My legs and arms however, are still my main struggle. I have decided that legs I'm not too fussed about so what happens there, I'll accept but my arms are now the centre of my attention.

I was fortunate enough to be gifted dumbbell weights at Christmas. A pair of 5KGs and a pair of 2KGs. The latter I have been using almost daily, carrying out triceps focussed repetitions, short and fast to help blitz fat and sculpt upper arms. When I'm showing off (like I am above), my arms look huge, but when relaxed and by my side, they're ever so slightly looking trimmer (thank the Lord!). 

Through this journey, I am learning to love my muscles and be proud of them. This is, after all, not something I should try to hide. They are a part of me and after 20 weeks, it looks like they aren't going to go away so I may as well start to embrace them! Nothing wrong with the Hulk look right? Maybe I'll make myself green in the next snapshots...

Until next time.

Lipstick Runner.

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