Monday, 30 March 2015


This last month, I feel like my body changes have come to a standstill. Not in a bad way - but more that it has reached a slight halt. I know this is normal in weight loss. When you up your game, your body loses fat quickly in a short space of time but it can easily become used to your new way of living and decide to stop working to burn the bad stuff. 

If I was to compare my body update to week 20, I don't look much different but I do weight a bit less.  Only a couple of pounds but still it all counts in these final weeks to The Big Day. I'm currently 8st 11lbs (56kg). Since I started this journey six months ago, I weighed 9st 5lbs (60kg). In all, I am pleased with this loss. I cannot remember the last time I shed half a stone. Looking closer at my body shape, I have bulked up since January. My shoulders are broader and defined (thanks to swimming). The legs are a majority of muscle and my arms are slowly but surely still getting a teeny bit slimmer day by day.

In terms of my training, I have introduced brick sessions (where I take on two disciplines back to back). So far it has all been bike/run or run/bike/run and I think this is contributing to my more 'solid' build. My core is getting stronger (up close you can just about to see the start of a two pack!) and my boobs are smaller (which for me I wanted).

However, despite the small changes, when I don't see big changes I have to remind myself how far I have come. Taking pictures of my body has been so beneficial to me - I really would recommend it to anyone looking to shape up! Seeing the progress on screen makes you realise how hard you have worked and what you have achieved and the below pictures have helped me see at my week 28 milestone that in fact, I have done pretty good. 
(L-R week 1, week 4, week 12, week 20, week 28)

I would say week 20 has been my slimmest but week 28 is by far my strongest. My arms are toned, my stomach forming some sort of muscular shape (well at least trying to) and my back is looking pretty tough. For the latter comment, I will share this at my next body reveal which is due to be week 36 (one month before my wedding).

Hoping for another great report at week 32!

Lipstick Runner.

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