Monday, 4 May 2015


I am a pig. A disgusting, junk food loading pig.

There I said. Hands up and confessing to a sin I have been carrying around with me for around six weeks yet cannot seem to budge it. My name is Sarah and I am an over indulger.

This binge has now led to a food hangover, which has been caused by weeks of eating out, drinking lots, turning to processed foods and impractical supermarket visits. My body is flooded with toxins.

It all started with my birthday weekend - the first weekend of April. I celebrated with dinner at Meat Mission in Shoreditch. We indulged in chicken burgers, fries, buffalo wings and beer. This was then followed the next day (Easter Sunday) with chocolate, afternoon tea and mojitos in the evening.
By the following weekend, I was spending time with members of the wedding party doing bridal things. We had lunch at a nearby pub where I consumed a burger which was taller than a pint of beer. Oh and then the next day, my family and I overate the wedding cake sample Mum kindly made for the weekend.

All this is just the start. It snowballed into eating out, binge drinking and takeaways. My birthday weekend was my slip up which has been hard to curb. My lack of attention with my diet has also etched into my training regime a bit and I have seen my focus swayed by working more hours or socialising with friends.

I'm ok about this dent in my plan. I have never been one to manage a smooth ride from start to finish for anything, so this is just a detour and more importantly, I HAVE A PLAN!
In comes James Duigan and his 'Clean & Lean' lifestyle. A concept where you listen to your body and provide it with the fuel it needs and not what the mind wants. I just so happen to have this way of living in a guide on my bookshelf and it has been sat there the past five years. I took it off the shelf this afternoon and after flicking through, felt really inspired by James story and his meal plans. He explains that to be fit and healthy, you need to cut the C.R.A.P (caffeine, refined sugars, alcohol and processed foods). The book itself seems pretty straightforward and so I am going to give it a go!

June is my body update and keeping this at the forefront of my mind will keep me focussed on giving this new way of eating a good old bosh. I'm hoping it might make my running times a bit faster too. *thumbs up*.

Lipstick Runner.


  1. It's absolutely fine - Because, you are not alone! I have a week or so of brilliant eating and then it all goes terribly wrong, we have a certain couple who invite us around and put on the most indulgent spreads and I turn into a unchaperoned toddler at a tea party!
    You'll look beautiful on your wedding day, worry not!

    1. Thank you Katie for such lovely words. I guess I am in the freaking out stage haha! I just also feel like crap which is without a doubt linked to my diet at the moment. A good clean up is in order! :) x