Tuesday, 23 June 2015


(Left: September 2014. Right: April 2015)
The time has finally come to get married. Its strange to think that 18 months ago, the engagement ring was slipped onto my finger and now I have reached the moment where I will become a wife. Time has flown past and throughout my engagement, I have taken on the challenge to become a fitter and healthier individual in time to be a bride. I never thought I would remain dedicated to the challenge. Sure, there have been some slip ups along the way (you all saw my birthday dinner at Meat Mission) but what I learnt from this whole experience is that slipping up is OK. In fact, if I had made the decision to avoid bad food altogether, I would have given up on Operational Bridal Bod long ago. The fact that I have had bad days makes me what I am - a human - and human error kicks in at times.

Despite my up and down nutritional progression, fitness wise I have been pretty on it. I took my triathlon plan seriously and kept to the rota which has enabled me to reveal a stronger body over the months that I am incredibly proud of. I have actually come out the other end weighing the same as when I started but I look and feel far better.
In all it has, in my eyes, been a successful journey. No it has not been a body blitz from bloater to beach goddess but I have certainly made improvements. I can only aim for more improvement as I begin the journey into training for an Olympic distance triathlon. I'm really hoping the longer runs will trim down my physique and make it slightly leaner but I won't hold out hope for it. I was born to be curvy and I am for once, extremely happy with the state of my hips and bum. Result!

See you after the wedding!

Lipstick Runner.

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