Thursday, 14 August 2014


In my last Training Update, I mentioned that I have been trying out the Nike Training Club app and I have found it so blimmin brilliant, I had to write in detail why.

Free to download, this latest techno hit from Nike is an app dedicated to women who want to achieve all sorts with their body. Whether it is to tone, sculpt, strengthen or condition the body, there is something for you here.

I love the simplicity of this app. Super easy to navigate around, the app allows you to pick a certain goal you want to achieve and then this is broken down into different workouts within the category.
I have found myself opting for toning workouts as this is ideally my main goal in core training sessions. There are plenty of brilliant workout options, all offering different time scales and intensities. Once you have found a workout you want to try, you have the option of downloading a full video of the session or seeing still images of each step. Brilliant huh!?
The videos I love but do find I personally chop and change in-between workouts across the categories so I have found myself referring to still images more. This is mainly down to living on a top floor flat with wooden floors (I don't think my neighbour below would appreciate me doing burpee's and high knees). There are also some workouts which involve medicine balls, weights and resistance bands. I don't really have these in the flat hence why I also chop and change between workouts to find steps I can do quietly and equipment free. This doesn't bother me though as there is still lots to choose from!
The Get Focussed section of this app provides you with workouts that are quite specialised. If you want to focus on yoga movements, weight based exercises or even kung fu, there is a workout here. The 'Dynamic Duo' workout also looks a great one to pair up with a friend for. Might have to rope the other half into this at some point...

In all, you can't complain. Free, easy to use, accessible and effective. Nike Training Club is an app every woman should tap into. On those evenings where you're at home twiddling your thumbs, you're a few clicks away from a workout that is easy to carry out in the comfort of your living room.

Lipstick Runner.

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