Friday, 26 September 2014

Dreams become reality: Blenheim Palace Triathlon 2015

This week, some exciting news landed in my Inbox...
I signed up for fast track entry to Blenheim Palace Triathlon months ago after deciding to pursue my goal to complete a triathlon. The last year I have been curious to give one a go, mainly because solid road running was giving me itchy feet to try something different. In May when I got my bike, the urge got greater and so I opted to look into Blenheim Palace after seeing The Runner Beans take part in the 2014 event.

Apparently, it's a very popular race so I'm glad I signed up for the priority window. When this email came through I did hesitate for a moment to click the 'enter now' button. 'Can I seriously do this?' 'Will I keep up the training?' 'What if I come last!?' were just a few of the thoughts that ran through my head before the 'This is an amazing opportunity TAKE IT' thought took over.

Filling in the application form, I got to the options box where you select your distance. I was so indecisive on whether to opt for Super Sprint (400m swim, 13.2K cycle, 3.1K run) or Sprint (750m swim, 19.8K cycle, 5.7K run). Originally when the idea of doing a triathlon came into my head, I had always planned on attempting the Super Sprint first but when it came down to applying there was little niggle in my head urging me to select Sprint. If I'm going to do it, I may as well go all out and give it a go. So, there I made the decision to take on the Sprint distance. 

I'm so excited to know what part of my plans for 2015 will be. As you all know from my Operation Bridal Bod post, I'm getting married next Summer (three weeks after this event funnily enough) so all the training will be a great focus for this goal too! I am a little nervous about what the months leading up to the triathlon will involve. I will have to whip my front crawl technique into shape, hell even learn to swim in open water but I am so excited to be taking on this challenge!

With nine months until the triathlon, I have got well under way in buffing up my knowledge by purchasing a guide to triathlons - I opted for Triathlon for Women by Charlotte Campbell (£8, Amazon). I'm hoping this will help me get on track with training, nutrition and body recovery. I am also going to look into filling the diary with other race opportunities which will play a crucial role in my training, such as duathlons and open swim meets. 

I'm not too sure what my level of enthusiasm will be mid February in the stark cold winter out training in my wet suit, on the bike etc...but right now, I am SO ready to get my Tri on!

For more information on Blenheim Palace Triathlon, visit the website HERE.

Lipstick Runner.

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