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KIT PICKS: Sporty Skincare

I invest a lot in my skin. It's the part of you that's on show your whole life and ageing is something you (sadly) cannot avoid. Being a rather sporty person, it's even more important to make sure my skin stays healthy, plump, blemish free and well, looking as fresh as can be!

My skincare regime switches seasonally but whether it's icy cold or sticky and hot, I always make sure I keep it in tip top condition. I've been quite fortunate throughout my life and have had normal skin. Spots have never been a huge issue for me and it has always been healthy and plump. However, now in my mid-twenties, I have noticed a change. I would say I have gone from a normal skin to a oily skin type. I think a major factor to this is living in London the past four years and the daily tackle of smog, pollution and just generally filthy air. I also think the increase in physical activity contributes to the constant shine as build up of sweat can lead to clogged pores.

I religiously use the below products as I feel they tick all my skincare concerns boxes, one them being keeping that pesky shine at bay!

I have a thing about cleaning my face. I absolutely love it. When I am cycling home from work (make-up still on - tut tut I know!) I am craving my bathroom sink to splash cold water on my face and scrub off my sweaty, congealed make-up with this dream cleanser. There's a lot of speculation around foaming cleansers, mainly because you have to wonder what's in the product to make it foam? However, I have tried water cleansers, gel and milk versions and I always come back to this one. Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser come in three types - normal, dry and oily skin. The latter I use. I love the micro exfoliating beads that contribute to making this a super gentle foaming delight that rids every single scrap of make-up and dirt on my face. When I rinse, my skin squeaks it's that clean so you can imagine how refreshed you would feel using this after a long sweaty run.

I've been using this the past six months after having it suggested to me by a friend. It's more of a lotion than a cream as it is super lightweight and dispenses through a pump tube. You only really need a small amount and it's thin application means it settles into the skin instantly and doesn't leave any tackiness, which is what I prefer, especially if I am about to apply make-up or I am still beetroot red, huffing and puffing from a ten mile run.

I used to apply this day and night but in the warmer months, I have avoided using this in the day. Mainly for all the reasons above. It is thicker than the Liz Earle option and in hot weather I feel like it just 'sits' on my skin, rather than absorb into it. However, it is a gorgeous night time treat. The HydraQuench range from Clarins is best described as a 'glass of water for your skin'. All women suffer from dehydration - it's impossible to avoid it in today's day and age with pollution and air conditioning. Using this before bed gives my skin a boots of hydration and allows it to replenish and rejuvenate whilst I sleep.

I'm 25. The time has come to start using anti-wrinkle care. I have noticed a few lines around my eyes. Very faint but they're definitely there. A couple of years back I tried YSL Touche Eclat concealer and had a horrific allergic reaction which lead to blistering under my eye (it was vile!). After using prescribed cream to battle it, the skin under my eyes has become extra EXTRA thin and so I need to take very special care of it. This eye cream is super gentle, silky to touch and sinks into skin beautifully. This will be a great wrinkle preventer as I age and my skin starts to um...sag more (I couldn't think of a nicer phrase).

You can never go without tea tree! This double ended wand has a clear gel for morning application and a thicker lotion for the evening. I do find this very soothing - especially for those darn red blemishes that are close to erupting!

It's extremely important to treat your skin to a mask, especially if you exercise regularly. They condition and rejuvenate the skin, allowing for it to remain ripe, youthful and super-duper clean. This purifying mask is for oily skin (I would not suggest it if you are prone to dry skin) and I apply it to my t-zone and chin once a week. It also comes with a rough sponge to rinse it off. After I use this, I see the results each time. My forehead looks more matte and my skin feels detoxed and lifted.

Seems like a lot I know but all worthy investments! By moisturising daily and keeping up with the purifying mask, I'm ensuring that all dirt and impurities (which are greatly increased due to exercise) are removed from my pores. The specific use of these products also mattifies my complexion and rids excess oil that sits on the surface of the skin.

My regime doesn't stop there. For everyone that knows me, they will happily say that I am a body moisturiser addict. I go through bottles of it! During the summer months, I do use a little less as it can get clammy in the heat but a day NEVER goes by where I don't moisturise. Having soft, firm skin means keeping up with this regime and as a sufferer of eczema, my skin does feel tight and dry if I don't moisture after I shower. 

My favourite body moisturisers are Garnier Hydralock Body Moisturiser, £5.40 and L'Occitane Ultra Rich Body Cream, £32. Both are very thick and packed full of thirst quenching skin nutrients that work to soften and smooth skin. At the moment though, I am LOVING Nivea In Shower Body Moisturiser, £3.56. This baby is a dream! You simply apply in the shower, massage into skin, rinse off and step out with conditioned, silky soft skin. This is great for those rush hour mornings where you may not have time to moisturise but it is also great for anyone who hates the feel of moisturiser on their skin. It's so lightweight you step out the shower without an inch of creamy gloop surfacing on the skin.

There is also another product that I keep on the beauty shelf, especially for those long runs during the winter. Clarins Energising Leg Emulsion, £26 is a camomile & basil scented, cooling lotion that comforts tired legs with a cold, refreshing tingling sensation. I have no idea if it actually re-energises tired legs but I do really like applying this and then collapsing on the sofa, feet up with a cuppa. I guess you could say it's a nice post run beauty treat. After all, those pins have been through a lot on a long run.

Do you have a sporty skincare regime? What hot products do you use?

Lipstick Runner.

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