Wednesday, 12 November 2014

My race wish list

The blogging world is huge and many bloggers post wishlists for clothes, beauty, eating out or even holidays. Then there is my wish list, which is mostly made up of races I want to enter. In fact, my desire to dip my toe into different challenges has grown immensely since joining the running and fitness blogger community. I read so many inspirational stories on peoples training, races and experiences and it's made me incredibly hungry to expand my running CV!

I have found myself bookmarking lots of events that occur annually with the plan to do some in 2015 and even hold out to complete others in the future. Here are my top five that I simply must do.

1. Virgin London Marathon
I think this one is on every runners radar and so it should be. The biggest event in the UK marathon calendar, London Marathon is where I want to debut at the distance. For the last two years, I have ventured down to mile 20 and stood on the sidelines whooping people along and even got to witness my best friend smash it in 2014. Each year, the ever expected 'no' letter lands on my doormat but there is that little part of me that clings onto hope that one year my time will come.

2. Blenheim Palace Triathlon
I think everyone knows by now that this is my key event for 2015 and I am so excited! I've always been curious about triathlon. I absolutely love watching it on TV and knowing that I will be taking part in one is crazy! I think it is the challenge of learning to swim, cycle and run back to back that gets me. Tackling open waters and battling across a bike ride with a hundred or so people is a tad daunting but accepting the challenge is the best part!
(source:Triathlon Business)
The event itself is very pricey (I parted ways with £91 for the female sprint distance) but the experience you will get I am confident is totally worth every penny. Plus, I've heard this is a great beginner course as a mixture of abilities take part. So first time triathletes- hop on board with me!

Blenheim Palace Triathlon.

3. Race To The Stones
(source: Race To The Stones Facebook Page)
I've come across this event very recently after seeing a retweet on Twitter. This race is one to soak up the beauty of the great British countryside. A 100km route from Oxfordshire to North Wessex Downs that can be completed over two days, the course follows in the steps of Romans and Vikings along the Ridgeway (one of the oldest roads in Britain) to the finish line at the 3000 year old Avebury stone circle. Looking at the website it looks stunning, with runners taking in some beautiful sights across fields, trail paths and woodland.

Organisers for this event offer several options. You can complete the 100K in one day or even just choose to take part in 50K. There are also solo and team entries available. To bask in the experience of it though, there is the option to stop halfway overnight and this seems the ticket for me. I'd absolutely love to run this with a group of people - in no particular rush of course. I just need to find in myself the strength and endurance to actually complete 100K. Hmm...

4. Adidas Thunder Run
Another confirmed date in my 2015 calendar! After learning that Mizuno Endure24 clashed with Blenheim Palace Triathlon, I was keen to find an alternative. When my running club announced they were forming two teams for this, I didn't even hesitate at signing up! Based in Derbyshire (so quite a trek from London), this 24 hour relay race (which can also be ran solo) is a 10K trail run which looks like a challenging, undulating course. I am confirmed in a team of seven so looking to complete the route four times. After my experience at Endure24 (you can read my review HERE), I am so excited to be taking on a new challenge. I love the atmosphere these events bring. Camping out and cheering along the sidelines at all hours of the day really shows the camaraderie from everyone involved.
(source: Adidas Thunder Run Facebook Page)
Cost wise, I think I struck a reasonable deal. To enter in a team, with camping included was around £50 each. For a weekend away, it's not to be sniffed at!

5. Keswick Mountain Festival 10K
(source: Keswick Mountain Festival Facebook Page)
A festival for running!? Well ok then, if I must.

Another find on Twitter, the Keswick Mountain Festival is a weekend packed full of running, cycling and swimming shenanigans. Set in the heart of the Lake District, there are many events on offer from 5K up to marathons and triathlons. I perused over all the distances on the website and found myself ogling the 10K trail run. I'm not a trail runner so if I am going to do one, it certainly isn't going to be a marathon or half marathon but the 5K option also seemed too short for me. The race description says you have to take a ferry out across Derwentwater to the starting pen and looking at the pictures, it sure looks like a jaw dropping, scenic course. 

The 2015 festival takes place 14th-17th May 2015. 

What sporting events do you have your eye on? Are you like me bookmarking challenges you dream to complete?

Lipstick Runner. 

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