Saturday, 8 November 2014

OPERATION BRIDAL BOD: Falling off the wagon

This post basically replaces my eight week update. Mainly because I am embarrassed to show the current results. I guess you could say I have slipped off the weight loss wagon. OK, maybe hurtled off it landing like a sack of crap on the floor. A heavy one at that matter.

My reasons? No reasons at all. Just excuses but ones that we all are guilty to at some point in the weight loss journey. When I began Operation Bridal Bod weight loss wasn't my main goal. It was physique. I wanted a strong, athletic body but one slim and toned to pull off a swanky wedding dress. My mind was set and driven and by week four, I was doing brilliantly (as you can see from the results HERE). My tummy was a lot flatter, I appeared slimmer and my skin was glowing. Hurrah! After a check up at the doctors, it was also revealed that I had lost 5lbs. Added bonus!

So what happened next is, well, life I guess. In the month that followed my routine became a bit misshapen. I wasn't training regularly, just fitting in odd runs and swims here and there, plus my eating habits got a little out of control. And then there was the alcohol consumption too.*guilty face*

The last few weeks have been very social for me. I have caught up with lots of former work colleagues which always results in eating out in the heart of Soho, gorging on all sorts of foods and sipping wine. I didn't just go for one odd meal. I went for four, back to back. Disgusting I know! From delicious Spanish tapas to Nandos to Honest Burger, I ticked all the unhealthy food boxes. *guilty face again*

Along with my restaurant picks, I have also let me hair down in other areas which can only really be described as binge drinking. I am not a big drinker. Never have I come home from work and cracked open a bottle of wine to unwind. Never have and probably never will. However, that doesn't mean I don't like a drop of alcohol from time to time. Or a gallon of gin. Combining a day at the races with a catch up with best friends was always going to lead to a haze of slimline gin and tonics. And that it most definitely did (plus the £53 I lost on bets). I got to wear a nice dress though which made a change.
There have however been some highlights amongst all this. I have completed two races - Cabbage Patch 10 and Tough Mudder. Both of which aren't a walk in the park (the latter especially!), these two events have helped to keep me focussed and I completed both of them in a far better time than I imagined. I even think for the first time, a race photographer papped me looking in a half decent state!
That said though, both events resulted in this:
*guilty face AGAIN*

Along with eating out alot, I have also found the sudden change in weather has had an impact on my foody habits. The UK has gone from mildy cold to absolutely freezing almost overnight! The heating in my flat is cranked up full notch, the slipper socks are out and my sports gear cupboard has rotated onto full leg leggings and base layers.

This instant change in weather has also had a damaging effect on my appetite. I literally cannot stop eating! It's like my body is never full. Work has been the worst. I am finding myself constantly picking at food and my willpower has been left back in Autumn. From the Hobnob biscuits in the cupboard, to birthday cake and mixed nuts left over from an event, I have spent 9am - 5.30pm munching down on food as if it was going to be taken away from me at any moment. This I think has been the hardest part and one I need to stop NOW!

So how do I rectify this? Well with my first ever wedding dress hunt taking place in two weeks, I need to think of something fast! Whilst I currently think that starving myself seems the only hope, I know I need to make changes that will carry on long term.

Weekly food shop - I need to make sure I am preparing my lunches to be healthy but hearty. By ensuring I eat a lunch big enough to fill me up, my snacking will hopefully ease up. At the moment I am eating small meals meaning I never feel satisfied and so turn to all sorts of bad snacks. By also stocking up the fridge with fresh fruit, I know that if I do want a snack, my options are not unhealthy.

Cut the sugar - I am literally cringing as I write this as I feel a little nauseous thinking about all the sugar I have consumed these last few weeks. Sweets, chocolate, cakes and so much more have been around me all the time. I think the turning point was when I bought a huge pack of Moam's for Halloween trick-or-treats. Not one knock at the door and a week later I had consumed the whole pack. *yet another guilty face*

Get focussed - I need to seek the goal again for what I am doing all this for. I must imagine I am walking down the aisle in eight months time, in a dress that I look fricking fabulous in. I need to see that if I carry on the way that I am, this will not happen. Making small goals in the lead up to this big goal will also help carry me through. For example, my small goal now is to get prepared for my first dress fitting and this means banishing the bloated belly.

On a final note, my week 12 aim is to be able to SHOW my results on here, rather than hide behind the *guilty face*.

Lipstick Runner.

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