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Joe Wicks Lean in 15

In the last year, I have made drastic changes to my diet. For those that know me personally or have read my blog from the beginning will be aware that I was a pescatarian (one of those veggies that ate fish). Almost a year ago, I decided to go one step further and throw in chicken and very recently, all meats. 

Fellow vegetarians may gasp in horror (I know a few that did when I told them) but for me, it was something I was really comfortable about. I had become a vegetarian through upbringing and choice but also through laziness. I loathed cooking and found it easier and cheaper to avoid meat. My husband, a true carnivore, supported my diet from the day we met but it did make dinner times odd as we were practically eating separately. Then there's eating out, where the choice on the menu normally formed some sort of tomato risotto or veggie burger (if I was lucky). I had become that painful dinner guest that would always have to make sure there was something I could eat at a place ahead of time or be the awkward one that asked to go somewhere else when there was nout.

Not only was I irritating myself with this, but I was also starting to have the urge the try new things. My diet was pretty bland and in all honesty, I am not the biggest eater of vegetables. When I did go out for meals, I was always curious at other options on the menu. Also take into account my increased training plan by entering the world of triathlon and my appetite went through the roof! So, I started eating chicken/turkey (which by the way I love) and over Christmas, I went the full hog (literally) and opened up my diet to all types of food. 

For Christmas, my husband got me Joe Wicks' (also known as The Body Coach) new recipe book, Lean in 15. Flicking through, all the recipes looked immense and so easy to make (given the title, these were meals that took 15 minutes to make). I decided there and then that New Years would kick off with me following the recipes in this book. Fast forward five weeks and I am a Lean in 15 convert!

The best thing about this book is that everything is straightforward. The recipes contain normal, everyday ingredients (even things like seasonings) and are split into two sections - reduced carbohydrate and post workout carbohydrate refuel recipes. The idea is that you only have carbs if you have worked out (and that is really the only time you should allow them). Taking into account my half marathon training plan, I planned the right recipes for days I worked out and rested. By also planning in advance, it meant I was only purchasing groceries and food that I needed (and not wanted). I have turned to the world of online shopping and it is the best thing ever! No naughty treats at the end of shopping aisles for 'just £1!' to tempt me.

So what are the recipes actually like? Well, bloody delicious to put it bluntly. I have tried probably 60% of them and I have definitely found some favourites. Below are a few that I strongly suggest - ones that are super scrummy, lean and fulfilling. 

(this is to die for!)

(great option for veggies!)

(we also chucked in spinach)

(we threw in some toast as we opted to make this a post workout meal)

(this photo was sourced from the hubby's Instagram!)

This book hasn't also just changed my diet, it has improved my lifestyle too. Each night, I come home from work super excited to cook with my husband and also to sit down and eat together. I have grown very fond of the kitchen and have found a love in prepping good, healthy and honest food. We chat about our day over the hob whilst we cook and the sit down to enjoy our feast as a couple - how it should be. We have also become savvier shoppers and enjoy planning our meals in advance. Another huge benefit to this book is that my food bill hasn't increased greatly (of course meat has made it more but it isn't breaking the bank). Each week, our average food bill is £40-45. For two people that isn't too bad!

Overall, I cannot recommend this book enough. I urge you to hop on Amazon immediately and make the purchase. It will change your life. 

Lean in 15 is available to buy here.

Lipstick Runner. 

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  1. I've just started using this book and am feeling great on it and my running is improving! I follow the high/low carb rules, but the only thing is on the Sunday morning long runs....I've been eating something carby still on the Sat night (habit?!) and something to eat pre run Sunday morning (I can't go over 6 miles in the morning with nothing in the belly) - any tips?